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Key is to have the right agent appointed.  Someone you feel comfortable with, is local to the subject property and has a proven track record for results. 

Our team at Combined Commercial will give you this.


Marketing tailored specifically to your property is vital. 

Marketing must be informative, correct and geared to ensure that it’s seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

This can be done with signboards, professional photography, floorplans, websites, social media etc.  but how well it is done makes all the difference.

Highlighting the properties attributes is exceptionally important including size, location, inclusions, features etc. 

So many times we’ve seen properties with a lack of or incorrect information.  These types of lazy acts can hold the property back from selling or create complications with the purchase.


Curb appeal is also important for commercial properties as it is with residential.  Ensure the property is will presented from the exterior.

Tip for those who own a property in a strata complex there may be funds available for repainting or fencing etc.  Tap into this, you may have been contributing into this fund for years and with these works carried out could increase the value of the asset.

You want to give buyers a great impression from the get go.

If the property is tenanted, please ensure they are keeping the property in a good clean condition before the property goes on the market.

If you are in occupation yourself see if the carpets need a steam clean, walls a touch up of paint and a declutter if necessary.


Price Point is important you need to ensure that similar properties currently on the market aren’t cheaper than your property for no good reason.

Speak with your agent to clarify what has actually been sold that is similar to get a true idea of market evidence.

There is two type of buyers the owner occupier and the investor.

Investors will be looking closely at the Capitalization Rate, this is the rate of return – which takes the amount you invested and compares it to the annual income of the property.

Owner occupiers will generally be aware of what other properties have sold for and will generally use this strategy when purchasing.

Have the right Agent on your side:

The team at Combined Commercial are all qualified to guide you through selling your commercial property and take the time and stress away.

We can share:

  • Market knowledge/evidence
  • Marketing solutions/suggestions
  • Feedback on getting the property sale ready
  • Strategy on getting the property sold for the best possible price

And so much more.

Please call us for our complimentary appraisal on your property and we can answer any question you may have in this process.

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